About Swivel

swiv • el — v. to turn freely, to make something turn in a new way, to pivot

HeidePortrait_teenyHave you ever thought about breaking out on your own? Heide Fraley did just that in 2006 and has not looked back. She hatched SwivelStudios, Inc., offering creative services for a broad range of clients, from historic sites such as Eastern State Penitentiary, to start-up companies such as Flavorful Fork, to large institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

With over 24 years’ experience working for small and large design firms in Washington, DC and Philadelphia, Heide relishes the luxury of creating innovative communications for both web and print media and loving both equally.

SwivelStudios’ Partners

Kevin Monko | Photography
Compelling, message-driven photography. Intelligent, resourceful, responsive to client needs. 20 years' experience in the studio, on location, and world-wide.
Fresh Eyes Design | WordPress
A Los Angeles based, WordPress development guru, catering to small businesses, non-profit organizations and public individuals. Offering graphic design and identity services to enhance CMS platforms.

Kris Conner | Writing, Research, & Strategy
Kris Conner has more than a decade of experience collaborating with clients in the education, healthcare, and nonprofit sectors. Her work ranges from conducting focus groups and message research, to developing creative concepts and communications strategies, to copywriting for print and Web communications. As an independent consultant, she works closely with hospitals and healthcare systems, advocacy groups, government organizations, and nonprofits on a range of writing projects.
4x3, LLC | Technology Partner
4x3, LLC is a full service design studio and Web development firm located in suburban Philadelphia that provides creative solutions for corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations. Through the marriage of strong visual design concepts and effective use of technology their goal is to create successful brand solutions and online experiences for their clients. 4x3 partners with creative design studios like SwivelStudios to provide search engine optimized, interactive and content-managed technology solutions.
Alphex | Web App Development
Providing information architecture, project management, technology leadership, professional technology consulting, and web application development for 15 years. Specializing in content management systems, brand & marketing presentation, mobile & desktop web applications, and information architecture.web technology consultation services.
Vine Alliance | Marketing
Your singular resource for finding local vineyards and wine makers near you. A boutique niche marketing shop promoting local vineyards, sustainable farming, viticulture, and local tourism.